About Us

Marge and RitaSometimes, a pleasurable hobby or interest can become a full time occupation, especially when you excel at what you do. At first, your talent might only attract the interest of family or close friends, but word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools, and before you know it you’re at it full time. And that is how we, Margery Smith and Rita Wagner, moved from hobby to business!

Thirty-five years ago, Marge and Rita worked in the insurance industry in Waterloo when they realized and recognized they had other talents! They “stripped” as a hobby in their spare time! They were very good at “stripping!” Furniture stripping that is!!

They shared a passion for restoring wooden furniture, including metal pieces which led them down a very successful path of entrepreneurship when they created “The Strippers! (M&R)”®. Since the company’s creation in 1982, they have experienced considerable growth and success, providing a unique and skilled service, combined with incredible knowledge. The company’s longevity is evidence that perseverance, determination and commitment pays off!

“We are proud to bring over 35 years’ experience to our clients’ furniture repair and refinishing. We put our heart and soul into the things that we love to do and that is exactly what we do every day with furniture and other items we restore for our clients! Each project is unique and we approach it with tender loving care and attention to detail. With our experience, we take the time to breath new life into the pieces we work on, restoring them with perfection. The transformation restoration process is incredible when we are able to take tired, broken, scratched, cracked or dated pieces of furniture and bring them back to life! Our clients are delighted that we are able to extend the life of some of their most cherished pieces and and restore treasured heirlooms to their former glory.”

Once establishing their current head office in Kitchener, ON and confident in their ability to serve the restoration market, Marge and Rita opened a second location in Guelph in 1988 followed one year later, in 1989 with a third location in Cambridge. Both Guelph and Cambridge locations continue to operate today as licenced dealers who have successfully completed hands on training by Marge and Rita, reflecting the same perfection and skill clients have come to know and expect from “The Strippers! (M&R)”®

With a great appreciation and respect for the fine artistic furniture and pieces of days gone by, it seemed a natural progression for Marge and Rita to take another step into a complimentary endeavour to their already existing business. From workshop to furniture shop, in 2001, they created Kitchener-Waterloo’s only consignment store, “Bits and Pieces Furniture & Décor!”

Located across the street from “The Strippers”, on Gage Avenue, “Bits and Pieces Furniture & Décor” offers high-end, gently used quality consignment furniture and décor items at incredible prices!

“Not only does this store allow us to help the environment by keeping large items like furniture out of the landfill, it also gives money back to the sellers and helps the buyer save money.”

Following the opening of “Bits and Pieces Furniture & Décor” in 2001 and experiencing great success and response, Marge and Rita, in November 2007 doubled their floor space of the store and now have a 5,000 square foot showroom of furniture and decor. Visit http://bits-and-pieces.ca for more information.