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Report #1

5 Furniture Refinishing Shortcuts
Based on horror stories from our client’s previously refinished furniture, in our Consumers Guide we give you “5 Furniture Refinishing Shortcuts “we see on, chairs, cabinets, veneers and more. Please carefully read this report so you do not end up with serious damage to your furniture.

Report #2

3 Misconceptions about Refinishing Antiques
There are many misconceptions about furniture refinishing and the value of your furniture. Many people think they have Antiques, when they really only have good quality vintage furniture. How do you know if you have an Antique?
Another common fear we hear from many new clients, is “Will refinishing my antique furniture lesson its value?” Many of you have inherited family furniture and believe they must be Antique because they belonged to your Grandparents or Great Uncle. Read in our Consumers Guide, our report on “3
Misconceptions about Refinishing Antiques” and you will learn, for all the furnishings you own now or may acquire later, which ones qualify as antique. You will also learn when it is okay to refinish an “antique” and when not to.

Report #3

When to Strip and Finish
When do you need to strip and finish your furniture instead of just a clean up or touch up? Many ask “Can I change the colour of my furniture without stripping?” Other situations you ask us about are the white rings on table tops or faded tops on coffee tables. See our Consumers Guide to learn how to know “When to Strip and Finish” to keep your furniture looking like new and preserve its value.

How do you know which stripping method is being used, and which one is the safest for your furniture? We encourage you to ask lots of questions when you are picking the right professional refinishing company, including how they do their stripping.

Report #4

Which Stripping Method is the Safest?
There are basically 4 ways to strip your furniture and there is only 1 way that won’t damage your furniture. See in our Consumers Guide where we answer the question “Which Stripping Method is the Safest?”

Report #5

The Importance of Value and Lowest Price
Over the years we have noticed that many refinishing inquires start with the wrong questions. Asking for a price and expecting a quote over the phone can lead to a wrong decision in your choice of a professional furniture refinishing company. If the lowest price is what you have decided to use as your selection criteria, then we respectfully suggest you start at “A” in the yellow pages and who ever gives a price over the phone go with them. If, however, you care about keeping or adding value to you furnishings, then read “The Importance of Value and Lowest Price” in our Consumers Guide. Professional  Refinishers usually won’t give a price over the phone as there are just too many variables. When you insist on a “ball park quote”, most Professional Refinishers suspect that you treat your furnishing as expendable and don’t really care if you get shoddy workmanship. Hopefully for you, that is not the case.

Report #6

Avoid Quick Quotes
Some of the questions Professional Furniture Refinishers have to consider when determining a price starts with the stripping. They also have to know what kind of finish and/or combination of stain, finish, maybe even paint, is on your furniture. The next step is to look at your furniture with you, once it is stripped and discuss any repairs. Then comes the choosing of stains and finishes, which a professional refinisher will demonstrate right
on your furniture so you know exactly what it will look like, with no surprises. Again in our Consumers Guide, read “Avoid Quick Quotes” to understand what is involved in pricing and to learn the kinds of questions a professional refinisher will likely need to ask you.

Report # 7

When Refinishing is a Better Investment than Buying New.
Many times we are asked whether a particular piece of furniture is worth refinishing. We’ve also included these points in our Consumer guide to help you make that decision. It is called “When Refinishing is a Better Investment than Buying New.” If you have inherited your furniture, then sometimes the sentimental value outweighs the market value. You won’t be selling your heirloom, so it is of more value to you, restored and useable, instead of buying new furniture.

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Now that you have all this inside information on refinishing or repairing your furniture, you are probably wondering what the next step is and how to pick the right Professional Refinishing Company. Well, to help you make that decision, we have compiled 3 crucial questions to ask any refinishing company you are considering.

As a BONUS in our Consumers Guide we have included a VERY IMPORTANT summary  of “Questions to Ask to Find the Right Professional Refinishing Company.” We also explain why these questions are significant to hiring the right Professionals. Print it out. Then we suggest you start with us. Check us out! Come to our store with pictures and examples of what is to be stripped, repaired or finished. Not only are we delighted to share our years of knowledge with you, we have very high standards and back them up with our 100% guarantee.

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